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Okay, so downloaded and installed, and I have to say that despite not having the traditional loading of Blu-Ray menus, from a technical standpoint, this is probably the best Blu-Ray disc player available on the market for the PC-based playback. Picture quality is pristine, lacking the murkiness of PowerDVD, and even sharper than WinDVD. Audio quality is solid as well, although it would be nice to have the option of an equalizer in the Preferences menu (NOTE: Be sure not to turn up the volume in the player interface any higher than 50%, otherwise distortion occurs). And I'm happy to report that it plays Blu-Rays on which the actual movie is broken into several separate video files (i.e. discs that utilize seamless branching for multiple cuts of one movie). All-in-all, a worthy product!

David , 30.09.2012, 03:36
Idea status: under consideration


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